1. As ‘Ol Painless says: “It’s fun to shoot stuff!” 😀

    I do this with all my cell phones, but I wait until after they’re worn out.

  2. But does it carry a Glock or a 1911? I’m not sure which of those really correlates to Apples better. 1911s are more expensive, but Glocks are the one still under patent.

    I guess maybe HK is the best parallel to Apple. Both hate us all deep down. 😉

  3. And also they like to utterly shaft you on accessories.

    $45+ for a transparent plastic mag……REALLY!?

  4. “$45+ for a transparent plastic mag”

    That’s like replacing one of your car’s fancy molded plastic headlights, $200+ for a couple of hunks of molded plastic glued together!
    MIGHT be $10 worth of plastic there and some Mexican paid $5 a day to glue the pieces together. Sickening….

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