Freedom Gun Works

One of the things I like to do here is highlight shops and companies that are dedicated to supporting the shooting sports.  One shop, in the fine state of Georgia is Freedom Gun Works.  In addition to sponsoring a shooting team, the Freedom Gun Works crew do custom work on pistols, including taking a stock STI Spartan and giving it the two-tone treatment.  I am a huge sucker for two tone guns, especially the “Orca” look where it’s light on the bottom and dark on the top.  The stock Spartan runs about $600, the tuned up version from Freedom Gun Works will set you back $800.  You will however have one of the sexiest looking 1911s at your next match!

The image will take you to their Facebook page, where Bobby and Co. post updates on guns they have available, projects, and shooting activities.  I firmly believe in spending your dollars at places that support our sport, so money spent at Freedom Gun Works is definitely going to a good cause!


  1. Not in Kentucky.

    Freedom Gunworks Inc.
    425 Newton Road
    Camilla, GA 31730
    229-330-GUNS (4867)
    FAX 229-330-4488

  2. Heh, I have the two-tone argument with my buddy all the time. I hate-em, he loves-em. Weird thing is that my main carry gun is a two-tone Colt CCO, but I just think it’s pragmatism and not hypocrisy. I’ll forgo looks for a superb carry gun.

  3. I also have a totally irrational love of the reverse two-tone. I think it started with the “bad Sonny” episodes of Miami Vice when I was about 12 and wasn’t supposed to be watching them. I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse…

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