1. Well, we had two variations of the dart games. The first was the ADL – that was pretty straightforward, where Battleship Darts was a wee bit more complicated. I’ll look at my journal and see what I can dredge up.

  2. Iain must be the one British dude in the entire world who doesn’t know how to play darts.

    Are you guys SURE he’s British? I mean, did you see his green card or passport? I’m suspicious now. It’s like being American and not knowing how to play poker.

    Oh, wait…

  3. Or not being able to hit a 100 yard target with a 1903 Springfield (basically a target rifle) from a kneeling, supported position in 20+ rounds.

    Oh, wait….

  4. I second the call for formal rules for Battleship Darts. Sounds like a fun and interesting way to play rather than the usual “throw dart at board and trying to hit while drinking” I usually see. 😛

    BTW, the more I hear about Mr. Palma the more I hope not only that we see more of him after his Marine duties are over but that someday we’ll either see a book about zombie survival or him playing a role similar to Woody Harilson (sp?) in Zombieland in a movie. Anyone who believes in the inevitable zombie apocalypse as he does is okay in my book and gets two stars; one for being a good shot and the other for zombies. ^_^

  5. I agree with Ladyfox, the more I hear about Pete the more awesome he seems. I could have endless hours of discussion about weapons preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

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