HK G3 rifles

Shooting Illustrated has a neat little piece on the variations and family of rifles related to and descended from the HK G3.  The G3, as fans of Top Shot know, was featured heavily in the second to last and the final episode of Top Shot.  It and the AR15 were the only two modern sporting rifles used on the show, and for some reason it made me lust after an HK G3.  Shooting Illustrated talks about the best way to get one without getting hosed.


  1. The article never does give a price for a HK or the PTR-91. Just CETME prices. Disappointing since I can’t get to impactguns/gunbroker/gunsamerica from work.

    1. The base PTR-91 should be available for around $1000-$1200. You might be able to find a used specimen for a bit less than that.

  2. I’m pretty sure they used a HK-33 in the show, not a HK-91/G3.

    The HK-33 is in 5.56. The HK-91/G3 is in 7.62 NATO.

    (Actually, I’m really pretty sure they used one of the recent Century built HK-33 knock-offs instead of a HK built rifle. You have any comments on the quality of the guns used on the show?)

  3. I was less than a fan of the SVT-40 or the Mosin-Nagant, but they were the genuine article. The Beretta was a Beretta; I never shot the TZ-99 but I always wondered why they didn’t just spring for a real Sig.

    I’m hoping Season 2 will correct that.

  4. Rob,

    I think you mean HK93. But otherwise, you are correct. The gun is essentially the same in terms of its rotating bolt and blowback operation, but the HK93 is chambered in 5.56 NATO, not 7.62 NATO like the HK91.

  5. Aye, it was a HK-93.

    And yeah..don’t expect world-class craftsmanship when you use a Soviet surplus rifle. 😉
    Though I have a Mosin-Nagant and love it to death..and someday hope to also have a SVT-40.

    Don’t get a G3/Cetme if you plan on reloading though..they totally slaughter brass.

  6. Yeah, I meant HK 93. Don’t now why I was thinking HK 33.

    One of the other contestants mentioned that the “Colt Peacemakers” were “cheap knock off’s” and they had problems with the guns.

    Wasn’t the show provided flintlock a lower end piece as well, which is why they had to borrow Gary James’ rifle?

    The only reason to use a TZ-99, a cheap pistol no one has really heard of, instead of a SIG, would only be done for cost savings.

    Do you remember who made th “Winchester rife” used in the rope cutting trick? Somehow I’m doubting they were real Winchesters.

    Just seems they cheaped out on some of the guns as a cost savings measure is all. Hopefully next season will be better in that regard.

  7. I had an HK 91 for a while. Not anymore. It worked all the time, but with the terrible trigger, poor ergonomics, the rotten trigger, it having greater recoil than any other semiauto 308 I’ve tried, the awful trigger, the sights that needed a special tool to adjust, the crappy trigger, it’s habit of flinging brass a mile even with the buffer, and the nasty trigger, it was OK. I didn’t really care for the trigger either.
    I really didn’t see that it had anything over the FAL, which has better ergos, easier sight adjustment, better trigger, etc.

  8. I own a PTR-91, a CETME, an M1A, a few AKs, a couple of DSA FALs and a whole herd of ARs.

    For my money, I’ll take the AR or FAL any day of the week. Reliable, ergonomic, accurate.

    FAL beats the HKs hands down.

  9. Uberti makes good stuff. As good as the originals? Eh..probably not..but a hellova lot cheaper.
    There are a few relatively inexpensive firearms I was surprised they didn’t have on an AK of course.
    And then the staple of american shooting..a 1911.
    Oh well…maybe next season. 😉

  10. Honestly..I didn’t expect Top Shot to actually shell out $1200 per for a couple of actual Colt SAA’s that were going to be sitting out in the rain.

  11. “and for some reason it made me lust after an HK G3.”

    If working that stupid charging handle sans bolt-hold-open, and watching your precious .308 Brass get chucked into a meat grinder doesn’t change your mind, something is wrong with you.

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