Top Shot final thoughts

Join me tonight at 9pm Eastern time on Gun Nuts Radio at (6pm Pacific) for a discussion on Top Shot in general; not just my experience on the show but the effect the show has had on the shooting community at large as well as the general public.  Tonight I’d be very interested to hear feedback from fans and listeners, so if you have a question you can join us live by calling in at 347-539-5436.

That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific time on the BlogTalkRadio Network at!


  1. The hope I have concerning Top Shot series is that this will not only increase the interest in shooting sports as well as show the public at large that “gun nuts” are not the evil hearted terrorists that the anti-gun camp claims we are, but that it will start a movement by gun ranges to offer more dynamic target options. I am a member of a gun club with vast ranges but little to no steels or anything else “fun” to shoot at. Paper is great for some people some times, but I think the industry needs to try to offer variety at the ranges to increase business/involvement. Commercial plinking if you will.

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