1. “After you give it a fluff & buff and send it back to the developer once, the website loads fine.”

    That there is humor, folks.

    Only ’cause it’s true. 🙂

    On the other hand, my P3AT has done all I’ve asked it to since I bought it a couple of years ago. It’d blow up into a fine plastic mist if I put it thru one of Todd G.’s torture tests, but it works well for what I need it for.

  2. I honestly don’t have a real beef with Kel-Tec’s pocket .32 ACP, or even the .380 (although I find pocket .380s kind of silly in general) because for the most part they do actually work, and they’re not real guns that are going to be shot often in defense, training, or competition.

    When you get to the 9mm, the .40s, and their rifles…well let’s just say I have some serious reservations.

  3. Gun manufacturers web-site and no guns listed under ‘Best Sellers’ . WTF ?
    Well,they know their product better than I do so if I ever want something from Kel-Tec I know the Company itself recommends grips and jackets…

  4. Could you explain by ‘not real guns’ and ‘serious reservations’?

    You can email me if you’d like.

  5. “Not real guns” – this gun is not designed for serious shooting involving high round counts and actual training. Suitable for use as a last ditch defensive weapon when sprinting away isn’t an option. Most pocket pistols fall in to this category, including my beloved Beretta Jetfire. The phrase “what you carry when you can’t carry a gun” is all about pocket guns.

    “Serious reservations” – I have seen Kel-Tec firearms fail in different conditions and manners which has left me with a less than favorable impression.

  6. A friend is preparing a lawsuit against Kel-tec. He was struck in the face with the rear portion of 9mm slide. He is paying a metalurgist serious money to examine the broken slide. All Kel-tec offered was to pay medical bills & buy the handgun back. He may have settled for the amount he is paying for the engineering work. Anyway I wouldn’t fire one of the things without a face shield. Remember early M9 problems.

  7. I fired their PLR22 once. It could be because it was my first time using a red dot sight…but I couldn’t hit jack with it.

    Caleb..any thoughts on the funky PMR-30 .22 mag ‘hybrid’ pistol?

  8. I like the .22 Magnum as a cartridge. On general principles, I like the IDEA of a .22 Magnum auto-loader. Having not fired Kel-Tec’s new version, I don’t really have an opinion on it other than that semi-auto .22 Magnum pistols tend to have reliability issues.

  9. I still have an irrational desire for the SUB2000.

    @Woody: What else did he want? Medical bills plus cost of gun sounds fair to me. Maybe lost time at work, I suppose.

  10. I like the idea of it too..but I’ve never fired a .22 magnum. I do like that they kinda have a hybrid blowback/locked-breech operating system going on.

    If I had money to burn I’d probably get one just for the heck of it.

  11. IAN–broken cheek bone, scars (plastic surgery), pain & suffering, probably a hell of a flinch. ..that’s about it

  12. Well, the plastic surgery should fall under “medical bills”. Quantifiable damages likewise (lost work, etc).

    With the caveat that all my own pair and suffering has been self-inflicted; I’m not a huge fan of trying to judicially impose payments from a third-party for it. P&S is inherently subjective. Punitive damages (known or should have known the design was defective), are a different kettle of fish.

  13. My SU-16B is outstanding. It’s light, accurate, and reliable. The magazines it came with are terrible, but PMAGs solve that problem completely.

  14. Ian, I know a cop that tested out the SUB2000 for his department (they were looking to issue them to women and other small stature personnel). The one he had failed constantly and just wouldn’t work right. Keltec offered to replace it but by then he had too bad a taste in his mouth.

  15. I said it was irrational… I think it’s the gimmick of taking magazines I already have that’s getting me.

    Plus, it’s a (theoretical) gimmick around NJ’s carry laws. With a FID I can supposedly generally possess an unloaded longarm, folded it’s 18″ long and will fit in a backback easily…

    I’m more likely to get an AR-15-type rifle first though

  16. While I have some issues with Olympic Arms, they make an AR15 pistol carbine that takes Glock mags. If it runs, that’d be sick.

  17. Oh, and I can’t stuff it in a backpack; but’s that an even sillier reason to want one than “because it takes my glock mags”.

    (mutters to himself that it’s next to impossible to find 15 round glock mags in 9mm)

  18. I have been a big fan of my Sub-2000 that uses the Glock magazines. Bought it new in 2002 and as I write this it is folded in a camera bag in the car. I used mine for a variety of club matches and as a home defense carbine. It ran like a top for the first 1500 rounds but required a replacement pin that had not been heat treated. Since then another 3000 rounds therabouts have gone down range. A great plinker and in my case worthy car gun for short or long trips.

    I will admit that a friend with a SU16 has had a jammamatic. He is not happy but is not sure if it was ammo, magazine or gun related. Not willing to spend the time and ammo to find out.

    My co worker is happy with her P32 and another friend carries his P11 off duty 90% of the time. Another friend has the PF9 and seems to be happy. The pistols seem to have a better track record than the longarms I guess.

  19. My bitch with Kel-Tec is that all of their guns have a trigger like a cheap staple gun. No trigger on any quality pistol, or rifle has any business being that heavy or having that many sharp edges.

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