Track your training

We have discussed the importance of tracking how many rounds you shoot, what type of ammo you’re shooting, etc in the past.  That’s all well and good because it helps track potential mechanical issues with your gun; however it doesn’t track your training improvement.  I track my speed on the IDPA qualifier at the macro level of the qualifier – total time.  However, based on this post from Todd at Pistol-Training.Com, I’m going to track the entire qualifier now.  He makes an excellent point about tracking these things, as it’s the best way to figure out what we’re bad at, and then practice those skills until they’re much more refined.  You can also track incremental improvements – is my draw a quarter second faster today than it was three months ago, are my transitions getting better, things like that.

I obviously think record keeping is massively important for the serious shooter, and following Todd’s guidelines will help you keep better records…and shoot better as well.


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