1. Ewwww.
    I have a 9mm Hi-Point carbine and it isn’t THAT bad looking..but wow…that’s just bad.

    And about the “I don’t understand why Hi-Point does not produce a standard capacity magazines. Nine rounds for .45 and ten round for 9mm can no longer be considered standard capacity.”

    I e-mailed them several years ago after the AWB sunset and they said that retooling to make larger magazines (and probably having to redesign everything) would cost a LOT..and they wanted to make sure the AWB didn’t come back before they made that investment.

  2. What they SHOULD have done was make the carbines compatible with existing magazines, like Sten or M3 Grease gun mags, or even Tommy gun mags. It would give new life to old products and would have solved their re-tooling problems.

  3. Manufacturing single stack mags is probably cheaper and easier. The basis of the design philosophy of their carbines is just that, simple, inexpensive, you pick the words. Cheap and expedient seem most appropriate.
    The fact that they work well is fairly remarkable. It is a dirt cheap blowback operated amalgam of plastic, zinc alloy, and an assortment of metal parts arranged in a form that only Dr. Zaius could love.
    Though the design, materials, and purpose of the guns are not similar, I think of the Sten when I look at their original 995. It seems it was intended to be the cheapest most expedient way to hurl 9mm projectiles.

  4. The 995 is actually pretty accurate too. I’ve never fired many rounds through mine but I was plinking things out at 100 yards with wolf ammo without issue..and I’m far from a good shooter.

  5. To think, here in Rochester, NY it actually is considered an, “assault weapon.” In addition to the usual stuff under State law, any semi-auto long gun that is capable of being loaded with more than 6 rounds in the magazine and chamber combined* falls under our municipal AWB.
    In light of the Heller and McDonald SCOTUS rulings, some local activists are preparing a lawsuit to overturn the Citizens for a Safer Community v. City of Rochester ruling from 1994.

    * It’s considered capable of being loaded with more than 6 rounds in the magazine and chamber combined, if it’s possessed by somebody who also possesses a >5 round magazine. AFAIK pistol caliber carbines are only available with >5 round mags.

  6. @ Max

    Ridiculous, but whenever some BS assault weapon law is being proposed, it seems that it is always referred to by name. It is low capacity weapon, firing pistol rounds of minimal power compared to any rifle round. If that is on the table for being banned then you know anything is.
    Of course we know that anyway. The real reason the anti gunners want rid of it is probably that it is cheap enough, and the 9mm ammo the original 995 fires is cheap enough so that anyone that is getting a paycheck could afford to buy one of those 995’s and learn how to shoot with it.

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