Violence Policy Center violates Ruger's copyrights

Wow.  While this may not actually be a violation of copy right law, it’s certainly right along the lines of the kind of lowbrow behavior I’d expect from the VPC.  They’re so desperate for any sort of legitimacy that they’ll wholesale rip off material from Gunsite and Ruger.  Way to keep it classy, Josh.


  1. I love how pretty much every single anti-gun thing on youtube gets votedown-bombed by pro-gun people.

  2. So “fair use” only applies to pro-gun people?

    The VPC is not claiming the material is theirs. The VPC is not using it commercially.

    Personally, I may not like it, but I don’t see the problem.

    1. While this may not actually be a violation of copy right law

      No, I actually think that most of this is covered under fair use; but inflammatory headlines get more hits. The one part that’s borderline is the use of Ed’s image and words in that context, as that could be interpreted as intentionally damaging to his rep.

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