Talk about missing the forest for the trees

When did Kahr start making fullsize, all steel single stack pistols in .40 S&W and 9mm?  This is completely unreasonable, but I kind of want one of these.  Like I said, it’s not a reasonable desire on my part, because a heavy pistol with low capacity and a striker fired trigger really doesn’t fit any particular carry or competition niche that I have, but that doesn’t stop my brain from going “huuurrrgggg waaaannt”.

Of course, I like single stack guns.  I’ve been wanting a single stack 1911 in .40, but those run north of $1200 for good a good specimen.  The T40 and T9 run right around $700-800 street price, which beats an equivalently made 1911 in that same category.  Plus, no one I know actually competes with a Kahr, so I’d get to be an pretty, individual snowflake of uniqueness.  Or something.

In all seriousness though, this looks like a cool idea, and I’m appalled that I’ve gone for several years without direct knowledge of these guns.  If Kahr made a 10 round extended magazine for the T40, I’d buy 2 and shoot them in USPSA Limited-10.  They also make a 7 shot polymer .45 ACP, which would actually be pretty cool for IDPA.  Because of IDPA’s weird reload rules, a 7 shot magazine generally allows you to be at slide lock for most of your reloads which can be a definite advantage in that particular game.  The thing that hurts the T9 and T40 is their ammo capacity – the T9 is only an 8 round gun and the T40 is a 7 shooter.

Apparently these guns have been around since 2004, and I’ve just completely missed the boat on them.  That’s sad!


  1. I’ve been carrying a Kahr PM9 Covert (Covert=short grip, regular slide) as a BUG for several years now. My first Kahr had a small problem but this one has been fine and I really like it.
    I also like single stack 9mms as “in-between guns” for when I don’t think I can hide a 1911/HiPower but don’t have to settle for a J-frame. Putting two and two together, I thought a bigger Kahr might make a good one for that.

    So when they actually did it, I got a little excited about them.

    Then I realized the big Kahr didn’t really do anything my regular single stack 9mm would do (HK P7) except be a little smaller and I didn’t need that.
    Therefore, like has happened with me several times, a gun I have wished for for years arrives, and I yawn and go on. Sigh.

  2. Darn, dude. I just put my T40 on consignment.

    Ok pistol, just got tired of it biting the web of my thumb with every shot.

  3. I’ve been waiting for them to make the TP45 as a T45 since they first announced the T series… Five years ago maybe?

    Once a Kahr trigger is broken in and smoothed up a bit, it’s a lot better than most striker fired pistols.

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