Cimarron Holy Smoker

I saw this gun, the Cimarron Holy Smoker on Red’s Trading Post FB page, and I want one.  You have to have seen the excellent 3:10 to Yuma remake to really get why I’d want one of these.  In the film, Russell Crowe’s character, Ben Wade is the ne plus ultra of gunfighters, and his pistol is a 4.75 inch barrelled Colt with the cross inlaid on the grip just like this gun.

The Cimarron Holy Smoker comes exactly as you see it in the picture, the MSRP is $890.  Cimarron does make excellent Single Action clones, and this one is hard to beat for sheer “that’s a cool looking gun” factor.  I’d buy one if I had 900 bones sitting around or if I was seriously thinking about getting in to cowboy shooting again…which actually, there are a lot of cowboy clubs out here.