1. Auugh, keep your hand off your gun unless you are on the firing line ready to shoot. It looked like he was squaring off with the cameraman.

    Good advice though. I like how it was presented and explained. Good reinforcement for experienced shooters and a good start for new shooters.

  2. I would imagine that much like the Quest for Master Class, most of what he does is done with a remote camera so we can show gun manipulation without muzzling a live person.

  3. I was referring to the intro not the actual demo/training, he’s got his hand on his gun like he’s going to draw even though he’s just telling us his name and doing the intro. I admit its nitpicky of me to point it out.

    At any rate I got my 1911 out and compared my grip to the video, it did feel better. We’ll see how it does at the range this weekend.

  4. Ah. Actually a lot of that is a safety issue – while racegun holsters are theoretically secure, placing your hand on the gun in that position keeps it from flopping out of the holster if you forgot to engage the holster lock.

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