While reading this article about Glock’s neighbors whining that a lawful business wants to lawfully expand their operations, I came across this line that exploded my brain.

Smyrna’s Mayor Max Bacon

Max. Bacon. Either the mayor of Smyrna has the best name ever in the history of names, or the AJC is playing a cruel joke on me.


  1. Max Bacon is for real; I used to live in Smyrna. If you’re a gun person, this area is great – Glock, Kennesaw, and I have at least 5 shooting ranges within a 15 minute drive.

  2. Max Bacon is far better than the Charles Roast I grew up with, he preferred Charlie to Chuck…

  3. I had a max bacon tomato and lettuce sandwich for lunch…… 1 lb of bacon for two sandwiches……

  4. Max Bacon? That even beats out my pastor’s kids name of Max Johnson.

    Just let that sink in there for a bit.

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