1. I’ve had the same thing happen with my Tactical Solutions AR-22 upper.

    Most likely it’s the result of the gun firing out of battery.

  2. I saw a Ruger MK 3 fire OOB and it blew the loaded chamber indicator out of the gun.

    I’ve read a few boards that talked about Federal Auto Match being involved in several OOB kaBOOMs, that would be my first suspect.

  3. The OOB failures I’ve had were with Federal bulk pack ammo. That consists of about 95% of the ammo I’ve put through it. I’ve not had similar failures with Federal in other guns.

  4. S&W will take care of it and make it right. I had an early model with out of spec ejector/extractor and they fixed it right the first time. They replaced the springs with ones with blue coating and made sure the rifle was up to the latest specs. Works every time now. I found it also helps to load the magazine without using the thumb tabs. Just push each round down with the next one ensures they are stacked properly in the magazine.

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