1. Caleb,

    I have had one for about a year now. I don’t shoot it in competition, so haven’t had as much time behind the trigger as I would like.

    It is a big gun. The grip is wide. I’m not sure how much of a differnce the flat backstrap makes. If you can comfortably hand a Beretta 92F this one should be fine.

    Recoil isn’t bad, it like heavier loads. Lighter suff has a hard time cycling mine. For cartridge OAL I’ve found it to prefer as close to military ball as possible.

    The gun uses a differnt type of spring from 1911 or even HP/CZ. So double action feels differnt. I can’t desribe it, but I’m use to CZ 75s and I am still reserving judgment on the double action.

    The single action feels alot like other DA/SA pistols. A bit of pretravel, pressure, break.

    Sights are fine, if you are ok with three white dots. There are not a lot of aftermarket options.

    The controls are pretty good, I like the ambi mag release. The mags hold 14/15 rnds, depending on the type, I have both.

    Some sort of mag loader if helpful in getting the last couple of rounds in.

    It seams to offer a lot, not just round count, for the price.

    Check out http://fnforum.net/ for other views.

  2. I’ve handled on in the gun shop where I work and have a female friend who bought one. She shoots it and loves it and she does not have large hands, just normal small female hands. My hands are big but it still feels like a big pistol. But it feels real good. It’s also fully ambidextrous, so being a lefty, I plan to buy one sooner or later. Probably when a nice used one gets traded in at the gun shop.

  3. Haven’t got to fire one yet. Love the look and feel. Controls do not get along with me.

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