Great American Road Trip Day 1

Willie Nelson said that “living on the road is gonna keep you free and clean”. I guess we’ll see. Today I’m setting out on the first leg of a 3 day hardcore drive across the Western frontier. First stop will be today in Sioux Falls, South Dakota after 12+ hours of driving from Indiana. Interestingly, most of my drive today will be spent in states that don’t honor my carry permit, namely Illinois and Iowa. Wish me luck!


  1. Willie must have said that with a hint of irony, as I’ve read many a story from reporters about that light-headed feeling that comes from stepping on Willie’s bus just to give him an interview.

    From what I hear you could cure bacon in there…and the green color of said bacon is NOT because its spoiled….

  2. That’s a Townes Van Zandt lyric. Willie only recorded it so, in that sense, he did say it, but credit where credit is due.

  3. Sioux Falls, eh? I’m from that neck of the woods. You heading there for vacation?

  4. You’d better find a way to stop in Montezuma on your way out or back. I’ll give you the nickel tour.

  5. Actually, what Willie said was that it was supposed to keep you free and clean, but now you wear your skin like iron and your breath is hard as kerosene.

    So, good luck with that.

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