Bianchi Cup wish list

I was kicking around ideas for bringing more shooters to Bianchi Cup. One of the things I’d like to see would be a Single Stack division for Bianchi. Now, to make it fair and differentiate it from Metallic, they’d have to put certain rules in place. Here’s what my (currently) imaginary Bianchi Cup Single Stack/Retro division would look like:

1. Guns must be chambered in .45 ACP.

2. Barrel Length cannot exceed the length of a standard government sized 1911, namely 5 inches.

3. Trigger pull must be 3.5 pounds or heavier.

4. Sights must be of a standard notch and post configuration, no aristocrat or Bo-Mar Rib sights.

5. No bull barrels, guns must use standard bushing style lock up.

For whatever reason, I think this would be cool. I don’t think it would draw as many shooters as Production division, but it would be very traditional. The 1911 in .45 ACP with a 200 grain semi-wadcutter bullet was the hot ticket in competition shooting 30 years ago, and I have to admit it would be cool to see it playing in Bianchi Cup again.


  1. People really have a love affair with the 1911. I’ve shot some classics, some race guns, some Elites, and some Gold Cups. None of them do anything for me, single action is nice for competition, but all those safeties just drive me nuts. I swear I used less switches to type this paragraph than it takes to fire a 1911.

    1. I like ’em a lot, actually. I think they’re the most shootable centerfire handgun on earth, but I agree they’re not for everyone. Also, to answer the question – in my imaginary Bianchi Cup Single Stack Retro division, no only 1911s in .45 ACP would be approved.

  2. “only 1911s in .45 ACP would be approved.”

    Require mil-standard guide rod. It will keep the “fancy” out of the 1911 platform.

    Any thoughts on a power factor floor? Bianchi cup is 120 pf, yet a higher pf would favor the 45. Personally, I like like to see a game with a pf 200 division, but 180 may be more practical.

    1. In my imaginary division I would require a power factor of at least 160 and a minimum bullet weight of 200 grains.

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