No new Top Shot recap today

Because I haven’t seen the new episode yet!  The hotel I’m in right now doesn’t get the History channel, and they’ve not yet posted the full episode online for viewing.  So I can’t give you my thoughts on the trick shot challenge, or the elimination challenge (which I heard was cool) or the results of the elimination.  I mean, I know all the stuff that happened with the episode (who goes home etc) but I don’t have any context for it.

Don’t worry, I’ll catch up to the episode ASAP and get my thoughts online once I do.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get Hulu Plus for my iPhone.


  1. I found the promo for upcoming episodes at the end much more entertaining and engaging than the episode itself.

  2. Denny skated again. He seems like a nice guy, but I’m not sure he can hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle. Did the the producers of Top Shot not know that mounted exhibition shooters shoot blanks at those balloons and their skill is horseback riding and not marksmanship? And Kelly is correct in his claim that he is a fast learner; he seems to always rise to the challenge. If I were writing the script for this show (and I’m not totally convinced it’s not scripted), I would make it work out so that Kelly (the perpetual underdog) makes it to the finals against J.J. (the favorite).

  3. Rob, Brad could have had the same title (before Kelly obliterated him, ofc)

  4. Next week episode comes in time, because Kelly I am pretty sure was pretty pissed at Denny who seems to have it out for Kelly because if IIRC Denny voted for Kelly last week too.

    Anyways Denny is such a fake, it would be extremely high betting odds against him making it another episode without being eliminated due to him not being able to rely on his team winning or losing and him not taking any responsibility.

    Charles is not only right about Denny shooting blanks in his mounted shooting, but apparently in the last 10 years hes only really shot some .22 rim fire and not often at that much.

  5. Caleb. Now I feel awful I didn’t call you Sunday — I was asleep by 10 though 😉

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