2010 Indiana USPSA Section Championship results

They have posted the official results from the 2010 Section Match that occurred over the weekend.  The total number of shooters was 245, making this bigger than some of the Area championships in the game.  The round count was “a lot”, I think something in the order of 257 rounds, and I know I fired about 270ish through the Ruger SR9c.  Here are your winners by division:

  • Open: Randee Uy
  • Limited: Chris Keen
  • Limited-10: Bob Vogel (no surprise there)
  • Production: James Tarr
  • Revolver: Matt Griffin
  • Single Stack: Tony Hawkins

Interesting note on Tony’s performance – he shot minor power factor and still won the whole shootin’ match.  Now, I’m not sure if he shot Minor intentionally in Single Stack or if he had an “oopsie” at the chrono, but it is interesting to see the Minor PF guns being run successfully in Single Stack.  It’s one of few divisions where it makes sense – guns shooting Minor in Single Stack are allowed to load two more rounds in the magazine for a total of 11 shots in the gun, as opposed to Major PF guns which only can have a max of 9.  One of the stages at the match, stage 8 was an 11 shot stage, giving a clear advantage to someone shooting a Minor PF gun.

I’ll have more on my performance on this week’s edition of The Quest for Master Class on Downrange.TV, however out of 30 shooters in Limited-10, I finished an astonishing 12th.  I honestly thought that any finish higher than the bottom five would be good, and so with a 12th place finish I’m incredibly happy.  Plus, the nice thing about USPSA is it really gives you an idea of how you stack up to other shooters – for example, I shot 53.03% as well as Bob Vogel did.  Being able to say I’m “half as good” as him is an okay thing in my book.

The Ruger SR9c did fine.  Using 147 grain ammo, I had no issues with malfunctions of any type using both full size magazines and the compact 10 rounders.  I did identify one gear issue though – the front pouch on my Comp-Tac double mag pouch is absurdly tight for some reason.  I need to get after that with an Allen wrench and loosen it up a bit before my next major.  This match did definitively prove to me how easy the SR9c is to shoot.  In Limited-10, I’m running up against tricked out 1911s, STIs, Glocks customized as race guns, and the little Ruger SR9c held its own.  I have no doubt in the hands of a better shooter than I am that the gun could have done even better.  I will say that one advantage of the 3.5 inch barrel was how fast I could clear the holster with the SR9c – not quite race holster fast, but fast enough to get the job done.

I had a great time at the 2010 Indiana USPSA Section Championship.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back next year.  The nice thing about shooting Run ‘n Gun matches like this is you really get to see how you perform when you’re at the ragged edge of your skills, and I couldn’t be happier with a 12th place finish shooting a compact firearm with concealed carry gear!


  1. Tony made major … I was in his squad. There was a scoring mistake that is now corrected.

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