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A review of the search terms for the blog shows a lot of questions about Top Shot are how people find Gun Nuts.  That’s awesome, so since it’s Friday I’ll be happy to answer those questions.  Here goes with some of the most common, and a couple really oddball ones.  I’ll list the search term/question in italics, then my answer in regular font.

  • Who won Top Shot? Mike Seeklander.  See, what happens in the last episode he just shows up out of nowhere, yells “MIKE SEEKLANDER CRUSH” rips his shirt off, punches Colby, kills two guys with eye lasers, and then runs off with the $100,000 while yelling “MIKE SEEKLANDER, AWAY!”  In all seriousness though, I can’t tell you who wins.  You’ll just have to watch the show to find out!
  • Caleb Giddings Top Shot Ear Protection – I’m not kidding, that was an actual search that found the blog.  My hearing protection are Peltor ShotGunners.  They’re not electronic or anything fancy, they’re just simple, light, and don’t give me a headache.  I love them right up off the ground.
  • Where is Top Shot filmed? The inaugural season was filmed in various locations in Southern California.
  • What was your favorite gun? Surprisingly, my favorite gun that I shot in the show was the flintlock that I took the 125 yard shot with.  That was one of Gary James’ personal rifles, and if memory serves me it was a $15,000 hand made custom rifle.  You could definitely feel the workmanship that went into building that gun – it’s a firearm that transcends “tool” and crosses over to “work of art”.

Filming Top Shot was a great experience!  If you want to be a part of the Top Shot fraternity, the elite few chosen to represent their shooting skills and disciplines in front of America, you can try out for Top Shot Season 2!  Instructions on how to apply for a spot on Season 2 of Top Shot are here.


  1. If it was filmed in Kali-forn-istan, then how were you all able to do those AR shoots ???

  2. From what I understand, armories that provide guns for movies/TV are except from Cali’s gun bans.

  3. It figures. Just like politicians and their bodyguards are always exempt from any gun or carry bans as well.

  4. I thought Stembridge Gun Rentals was forced out of business by the Cali gun laws?

  5. The first response made me laugh…hard.

    And I also use Peltor ShotGunners. My first set of ear protection were basic Silencio ones(with NRA logo!). They work..except whenever I tried to get a cheek weld on a rifle it would lift the right earcup off of my ear just enough to break the seal. Yeah..that didn’t work out too well.
    I <3 these Peltors.

  6. The AR shoots were most likely done using a California compliant build, meaning the AR’s had “bullet buttons”.

    I’m on watching episode 5 right now and I can’t get over how Adam was behaving. That’s just sad.

  7. I’m a big fan of the Peltor Shotgunners too.

    And I’m laughing at the 1st comment. Hollywood is generally exempt from many of CA’s crazy ass gun laws.

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