Production Ready Springfield XD

Available from Dawson Precision is the Production Division ready Springfield XD pistol.  Dawson takes a stock Springfield XD Tactical (that’s the 5 inch model) in 9mm and adds the following touches to get it ready for USPSA Production or IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol:

  • Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front sight
  • Dawson Target rear sight
  • Competition Trigger job set at approx 3.25 pounds

Dawson also test fires each pistol to guarantee that it’s shooting to the correct point of impact before it goes out to the customer.  That’s a nice touch, because it makes sure that the shooter can get out to the range right away and start competing with their new Dawson Precision XD.  According to their website, this gun is also available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP if you want to shoot Limited-10 or CDP with your new toy.

One word of caution – if you want to shoot Bianchi Cup Production with this gun, the trigger has to be over 3.5 pounds.  So if that’s part of your plan, I’d contact Dawson prior to ordering to make sure the trigger pull weight is correct for what you want to do!  Personally, I’d have it set right at 4 pounds, that way you don’t need to worry about being an ounce or two under weight.


  1. What’s your opinion of XD’s, Caleb? I don’t see many at all at the USPSA matches in my area. When I ask about it, most say that it has a higher bore axis than the Glocks and a longer trigger reset and thus it isn’t popular.

  2. I’ve had two of them, one of the XD Tactical in .40 S&W and an XD(m) in 9mm. Personally, I never had a problem with them per se, although the mag release on the (m) was a little sticky. I think a lot of the complaints about bore axis and trigger reset is gear whining – the bore axis and trigger reset didn’t seem to stop Rob Leatham from winning the ’09 Steel Challenge Production championship with one.

  3. I see a lot at our IDPA and USPSA matches – they seem to work great for the folks using ’em…

    Some of our USPSA folks shoot Limited and use Canyon Creek Custom guns, built by GM Richard Dettelhauser, with his sweet magwell and etc…

  4. We have a guy at my local club that runs a Canyon Creek XD(m) in Limited. It’s a pretty slick rig.

  5. I’ve heard that Springfield plans on adding 3 or 4 more safeties to the XD’s so they will be uber-extra-safe. j/k. But I agree with Eagle, I don’t see any folks that actually compete with the XD locally here in MO or KS either. Seems to be Glocks and M&Ps. I’ve shot the XD a few times and they just feel a little wonky to me. I’m sure they can be competitive though using Rob as an example..not really fair since he could probably make the Hi-Point competitive (we’ll see how the tests on The Way of the Multigun go). I’m not knocking the gun, just not sure why they would choose to put the work into those and not the Glocks and M&P’s instead.

  6. I’ve been shooting an XD in IDPA and USPSA for about 3 years now. See a lot of them in TX and CO. I have a PRP trigger kit in mine, goes BANG every time I pull the trigger (approx 6K rounds w/o a hiccup) and I can generally hit the target. My only complaint is that with a thumbs forward I can accidently rest on the slide stop, but that is user error, not the weapon.

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