Honored American Veterans Afield Auction Update

We’ve got two auctions down on the HAVA Charity Auction, and right now we’re looking at a donation of $1650 to Honored American Veterans Afield after moving two of the 4 items.  The Mossberg 590A1 just sold today, and now the 3rd auction item is available!  This is a goody pack from Crimson Trace: an MVF-515 vertical foregrip worth $480, and a set of J-frame laser grips priced at $299.  The reserve is low, so get your bids in now!  I want this item to go for at least $400, because that will put us over the $2000 threshold on the auction, and with the last item being one that will blow your doors off, that’s a good place to be.  Put in your bids on the Crimson Trace Laser Pack now!

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