1. Mounted has to be Harder than standing still, Denny punked out knowing he should have been in the elimination. It should be based on performance.

  2. RE:”Denny punked out knowing he should have been in the elimination.”

    No, he offered, just not to the satisfaction of you or Adam.

    Just as Adam seemed in character to be shooting off his mouth and being acting childish during last week’s show, Denny has been the master of the understatement throughout the series, so I’m not surprised that he was not forceful in his offer, nor that Adam bickered with his opinion on an area that really was none of his business.

  3. He says he hasnt fired live ammo in 10+ years… How the hell did he get picked for a marksmanship show?

    He claimed to be intimately familiar with the cowboy revolvers but had never fired ammo in any of his… Sorry, he was not familiar then. Recoil from powder and recoil from a bullet are two very different things.

    I do not doubt that he is one heck of a guy but he would hardly be a top shot in my eyes… There are thousands of CSS shooters that are far more familiar with shooting live rounds from period weapons than he is.

  4. Props to CTD for interviewing such a cool guy..even though they DID price-gouge like maaaaaaaaaaaad during “The Panic”. 😉

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