Gun Nuts Last Night: My Top Shot farewell

Don’t forget to check out last night’s episode of Gun Nuts Media, where we talked about my exit from Top Shot, the HAVA Charity Auction, and the fact that History is now casting for Top Shot Season 2! ┬áThe episode is also available in portable .mp3 format or for our iPhone/iPod users it can be found on Gun for your downloading ease! It was a great episode, and again I’d like to thank everyone for their support after my elimination and for listening and reading here at Gun Nuts. We have a lot of good things coming, so keep it here!


Mossberg 590A1 for HAVA Charity Auction

Top Shot Season 2 Casting Starts

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  1. Just got to see the show online last night.

    As others have said, you should have told Adam straight up that you thought it was a bad idea and you weren’t going along. But hindsight is 20/20, in the moment isn’t.

    My reaction to the comment about you not adjusting the sights was that you’re from the same school as me. You don’t mess with the sights on someone else’s gun.

    You showed class and sportmanship. Job well done.

    A question, were those ’73’s original or repros and what was the chambering? Looked like smokeless powder rather than blackpowder cartridges. These are the kinds of details that I wish they’d give on the show or on the site.

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