Worth a thousand…words

Gander Mountain recently had a price drop on ammo.

What you see before you represents 250 bucks after taxes, which is better than anywhere I could find the same ammo online.

Plus, not worrying whether UPS would make it in time for the match is nice.  I have recently become a fan of the Remington UMC 250 round bulk packs, because they’re efficient.  I can drag one mini-case to the range a lot easier than 5 loose boxes of ammo, or if I’m settling in for a long session a couple of those are pretty easy to manage.  All of this should be shot up before the end of the month – between the Quest for Master Class and the upcoming USPSA Section Match at the end of July, I’ve got a lot of blasting to do!


  1. Which is great and everything, but I don’t buy ammo at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart made a deal with the devil, and since I can afford to shop elsewhere, I do. Although that is AWFULLY tempting, since it’s a case of 9mm for sub $200…

  2. Website lists it as $100 for 250 rounds, thats probably before shipping.

  3. Man am I glad I reload. I spend about $110 per thousand for 9mm. And, I get better ammo. 147gr bullets at 900fps shoot much softer than typical factory loads.

  4. Hell – Dick’s Sporting Goods had those boxes for $70 or so; though it turned out the 50-round boxes were cheaper on a per-round basis. For some reason they only put the 50rnd boxes on sale, and they were 10% off at the time

  5. Note that I doubt I’ve gone through more than a thousand rounds in the past year

  6. It just goes to show you that everyone from the manufacturer to the seller is getting rich off of us. I wonder what a box of ammo would cost if no one purchased ammo for a month or two. I suspect that this would cure the ammo “shortage” that is driving the cost up. However, this is America, where you can’t find two people who agree on the color of the sky.

  7. It just goes to show you that everyone from the manufacturer to the seller is getting rich off of us

    Uh, yeah, I hope they are; since I want to continue buying ammo. Geez.

  8. I actually paid about that much at my local Walmart here in Dallas for the exact same boxes. I think it was $69 per 250 rds of 9mm. Just can’t beat Walmart.

  9. And folks give me crap for reloading…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    $250 for 1K of 9mm is about where the market is at these days. If you can “stack” coupons from Cabela’s, that always helps.

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