Weekend shooting: Speed shoots

On the first installment of the Quest for Master Class, I shot the IDPA classifier with a tight focus on accuracy.  This was to establish a baseline level for one component of a successful competition shooter.  This weekend, I’ll be shooting it for speed.  I am going to shoot the classifier as fast as I can physically drive the gun while still being safe.  We’ll do this to establish the other end of the spectrum – pure, raw speed.  Accuracy will be less important than raw times, but I’m also not going to intentionally take bad shots.

After we get the bases established for speed and accuracy, the next couple of installments will focus on combining the two concepts into a holistic approach to shooting the classifier, finding the balance of speed and accuracy necessary to get the hits you need.  To do that, we’ll break down each stage of the classifier and look for places to cut time or improve accuracy on the classifier, all the while providing training tips and drills to do the same.  Check back next Wednesday for the post and video about the next installment in the Quest for Master Class – the speed run!

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