IDPA Defensive Multi-Gun Rig idea

I just thought of this rig for IDPA Defensive Multigun.  You’d be in Enhanced Pistol Caliber Carbine, and you’d also be the biggest stud on the range if you ran this.

Rifle: M1 Carbine with Ultimak Rail and Aimpoint.

Shotgun: Remington Model 11 in 20 gauge, like the Horrible Frankenshotgun I built.

Pistol: ParaUSA GI Expert ESP or STI Spartan.

You’re rocking an M1 Carbine, a Remington Model 11 and a 1911?  Trust me, even if you don’t win your rig will make the ghosts of John Moses Browning and Jeff Cooper smile.


  1. Caleb:
    I discussed the M1 Carbine with Jeff Cooper in a letter.
    After that, I am sure he would not be smiling at the choice of the Carbine. The M1 rifle was more his style and the carbine he talked of designing was called The Thumper and was suppoesd to be made in a round with more oomph than the M1 Carbine.

    That said, it would be fun to run the guns you suggested.

  2. I’m planning to run either my M1 carbine, M&P9-pro, and mossy 500 in SPCC or once my AR is finished, AR with 1-4x scope, M&P, and the 500 until I get a semi shotgun. It’s too bad there’s no place for the Saiga.

  3. Dunno if you could get appropriate mags for it (tho you could probably mod some up) but Bushmaster’s .450 carbine was inspired by Cooper’s “Thumper” idea.

  4. Col Cooper was no fan of the M-1 Carbine to be sure.

    But I am just shocked to learn there is someone else out there using a Remington M11 (although mine is a 12 ga). Hey, they work.

    Now if you really want to have fun, shoot a 1911, 12 ga pump, and a Garand. I’ve done it a few times and will do it again.

  5. Oh god, that would be a PIMP rig. I probably won’t actually use the rig above, I’m much more likely to shoot an M1 Carbine with a 20 gauge pump gun and an SSP pistol.

  6. Come to think of it, I’ve used an M1 Carbine a couple of times. Once was at a rifle side match fundraiser at Riley and once at Atlanta.
    It actually went pretty well because the targets were really close. The sight line/bore line difference is not enough to compensate for, so with the close targets at those two matches it worked well. It handles fast like a pistol, but me having only 15-rd mags kinda hurts.

    The Garand works OK at Wildcat. I get mauled on close targets, but once past about 75 yards almost everyone has muzzle jump off the target so the gap closes some.

  7. BTW, Is there talk of any club here in IN holding IDPA Multigun matches?

  8. Good.
    I knew you’d have the scoop.
    I wonder how many emails Jeff has got this week about this? I might as well send another.

  9. Wildcat.


    That brings back some memories. That’s where I shot my very first IDPA match. I wonder if the same guys are still running the matches.

  10. I have no idea who is running things up at the ‘Cat these days. I know the IDPA crew at Swamplanta is pretty dedicated though.

  11. Rifle: Winchester 1895 with stripper clip feed as done with version built in WWI for the Russians.
    Shotgun: Winchester 1897 or Auto-5
    Pistol: 1911 (or a 1911A1 for you trend setters)

    There’s your all Browning Three Gun combo.

  12. Most of the faces at Wildcat are the same as they have been. The MD has changed a couple of times in the last few years.
    They are having a match Saturday if you want to come. I plan on going.

  13. From what I can recall thee was no real decent defensive ammo available for the M1 Carbine during Col. Cooper’s lifetime.

    He might feel differently with the new Ammo available from Cor-Bon.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. There was good defensive ammo available for 9mm back then, and he wasn’t exactly what I’d call “a fan” of the 9mm. That being said, I certainly would not volunteer to catch a 110 grain softpoint from a .30 Carbine.

  14. I have a beef about the .30 Carbine being in the pistol caliber category. At least from how I read the rules it is in the pistol caliber category. Maybe it isn’t. I’m not sure because under the equipment rules for rifle calibers it states “5.56x45mm (.223) or larger” and to me, .30 Carb is at least as large as .223. The .30 Carb also easily beats the .223 in power factor. Yet, the rules specifically name the .30 Carb along with the pistol caliber carbine calibers.
    I asked about this when the provisional rules came out a couple of years ago, and I’m still waiting.

    I’m guessing they don’t want it to be a rifle cartridge and this is why I don’t see power factors in the rules.

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