This weekend

In pursuit of the Quest for Master Class, this weekend I’ll be out at Atlanta Conservation Club putting the Ruger SR9c through its paces.  Starting on Saturday with our 4th of July weekend IDPA match, then continuing on Sunday with a videotaped shoot through of the IDPA classifier.  Here’s the current score report on my IDPA Classifications:

  • Custom Defensive Pistol: Sharpshooter
  • Enhanced Service Pistol: Sharpshooter
  • Stock Service Pistol: Unclassified
  • Stock Service Revolver: Unclassified
  • Enhanced Service Revolver: Master

We’re starting the Quest for Master Class in the two divisions that the Ruger SR9c is eligible for, Stock Service Pistol and Enhanced Service Pistol.  To that end, I’m going for Stock Service Pistol first.  The bar for Master Class in Stock Service Pistol is 98.82 seconds for the entire course of fire.  My goal by the end of all of this is to be able to shoot it in less than or equal two 80 seconds in any division.  That’s actually not has hard as it seems.  It leaves you with about 20 seconds each for the first two stages which are all about speed, and then 40 seconds for the last stage which is very accuracy intensive.  Looking at previous classifiers, I’ve really managed to shave time off the first two stages – for my Master run with the 625 in ESR, I shot stage 1 and 2 in about 25 seconds each, stage 3 in 47 seconds.  That puts me right around 97-98ish seconds, which I should be able to beat using a semi-auto pistol.

To find out how I do on my first classifier run with the Ruger SR9c, check out Downrange.TV’s Quest for Master Class!

The next update to the Quest for Master Class is coming next week, with the full launch of the program!  Make sure to keep your browser pointed at Downrage.TV for all the updates from the shooting sports community!


  1. Caleb, that’s awesome you going for master in SSP and ESP. I just started shooting IDPA and it is the most fun I’ve ever had missing targets. 🙂

    Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

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