Top Shot Questions: The backpacks

If there is one question I have gotten over and over and over about Top Shot it has been “what are you guys carrying in those backpacks?”  If you watch any episode of the show, you’ll see us roll to the practices, team challenges, and elimination challenges with backpacks.  Because the show only takes an hour, I understand wondering why we’d need the gear for what appears to last maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

That’s the magic of TV.  Suffice to say, filming the practices and challenges usually took a lot longer than it appears, so the backpacks were a necessity.  If you watch Team Challenge in Episode 4, I go from wearing a polo to wearing a fleece, and then I’m wearing a fleece and gloves.  It got COLD that day and fast, and I was shivering, so I went in to the backpack for my gear to stay warm.  That’s what we had in the bags, water, snacks, sunscreen, rain gear, cold weather gear, and of course hearing and eye protection.  We had to stay prepared because we never knew what a challenge would throw at us.


  1. I brought my own safety gear, although if you had forgotten something they’d provide generic (and ugly) eyepro and foam plugs.

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