Speaking of Comp-Tac, these are the components of the Deluxe Pro Competition kit, minus the belt. These are a Speed Paddle holster, and a double magazine pouch.  And yes, they are bright red.  I have a jillion black/olive drab/coyote tan holsters and mag pouches, and frankly they’re quite boring.  The red is lively!

I tried the holster out on a few dry runs, and I have to say that the short barrel of the SR9c coupled with the speed cut on the holster make it fast.  I mean really, really fast.  We’re talking sub 1 second to target fast.

The mag pouch is pretty awesome as well.  One of the things I’ve been practicing are my tactical reloads/reloads with retention.  The mag pouch is actually wide enough and forgiving enough that it’s fairly easy to slam an empty mag into the mag pouch.  IDPA occasionally requires a reload with retention, and my technique is pretty fast – the mag pouch will help.

I can’t wait for July so I can actually get started running this package in competition!


  1. Caleb,
    That mag looks a little naked hanging out there.
    Maybe x-grip could make a grip extension for you.

  2. I have a the speed paddle holster and it is, indeed, tremendously fast, even for someone like myself who doesn’t *try* to be fast.

    Commenting on your next post about the CTAC, as well. 🙂 I had one and couldn’t get comfortable with it, so I sold it to pdb. Sucker. I bought an MTAC a couple years ago and am so thrilled with it that I bought a spare just in case this one goes down for some reason.

  3. The MTAC is also a rad holster. I was waffling between the MTAC and the CTAC and eventually went with the kydex rig simply because I sweat. A lot. The leather backing seemed like a fail waiting to happen, so I went with all plastic.

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