And here’s the other half of the package from Comp-Tac, the CTAC concealment holster.  The CTAC is a tuckable IWB holster that uses the clips positioned fore and aft of the holster to provide much more stability than many other IWB holsters.  It’s a dramatic step up from the previous IWB holsters I’ve been using, and after only a day of carry I can also say it’s a lot more comfortable.  The weight is much more evenly distributed across my belt, and most importantly the two clips keep the holster in the exact same position.  No need to adjust every time I stand up!


  1. I have been thinking about this holster and a crossbreed holster can you tell me what led to your choice,is one a little more easy to conceal than the other?

  2. I carry my M&P .40 in a MTAC which is basically the cheaper version of the CTAC and I LOVE IT. Hope your CTAC treats you well.

  3. wally, I picked this holster over the crossbreed not for any functional reason, because they’ll probably both be good at it. Rather, I chose Comp-Tac based on their reputation in the competition shooting community and based on recommendations from friends that had experience with their products.

  4. Daily carry outside of work is in a CTAC – have used it for the last 5 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Daily carry at work is a SmartCarry

  5. Smart carry still scares me, there’s something about a loaded gun down the front of my trousers that makes me squirm a bit.

  6. I use an M-Tac, which is the same price as the C-Tac, just has more leather on it. Had it for over a year, and love it.

  7. I would not call the MTAC a cheaper version of the CTAC–Although both are IWB with widely spaced belt clips, the MTAC (like the Crossbreed) has a smooth leather back. The smooth leather is not just an alternate material, it eliminates corners and spreads out the pressure.

    Before I stared making my own holsters, I used both the Crossbreed Supertuck and the MTAC. My Crossbreed was before they offered the Combat Cut (cutting the leather away at the grip area to match the particular gun) –and I would insist on that cut now. I prefer the MTAC by a bit, but it is possible that I’d like the Supertuck with the combat cut just as well.

    The basic concept–Tuckable IWB, with 2 widely spaced belt clips–is excellent, and the IWB holsters I make share those features. A single clip holster almost always has the clip stacked over the thickest part of the gun.

  8. Do you have a preference for AIWB? I noticed the cant is straight; different than the other model they carry.

  9. I actually have mine set up for a slightly muzzle rearward cant. I carry behind the point of my strong side hip – essentially, I try to get my CCW draw to be as similar to my competition draw.

  10. I have been carrying a Ruger sr9 for just under a year in a casual office (jeans and shirt or jeans, shirt jacket in winter), and have drawn no attention in a decidedly un-gun friendly company. The M-tac has been a comfortable holster after a break in and adjusting period. I would highly recommend it. I haven’t tried the ctac but it may be my next holster.

  11. Nothing beats the MTAC. I carry a Sig P245 and find the MTAC to be comfortable, secure, and always in position. I like them so much, I have MTACs for all the guns I might want to carry … P220, both full size and R3 (also fits my P229SCT), Glock 19, Ruger SP101, and even the little bitty Kahr PM9. Once you spend a little while finding the correct clip adjustment for your draw and clothes, you will be able to remove and replace it to the same position time after time. A beautiful piece of work.
    The only holster I like better is the Tucker Champion for IDPA. The leather lined Kydex is smooth as silk. Houston holster makers rock.

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