Quick, someone loan me a Glock

So, the USPSA Section Match has been moved to July due to the fact that the range is underwater.  This is real sad.  However, I remembered from an email that there is a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation match this weekend in Indy.  That means I could go and shoot something just to stay in practice, and possibly have a shot at winning a free gun as well.

The problem is that I don’t currently own any Glocks.  I had a pretty awesome G24 that I sold a while ago (which I wish I hadn’t done) but currently find myself without a plastic pistol to shoot their match.  So uh, anyone in the Indy/Metro area want to loan me a Glock and a few mags?  I can supply all my own ammo, of course.

Humorous note: if the Brady Campaign is to be believed, I should be able to pick up a Glock off the street corner, just lying there, or perhaps run over to my local gun-tree and pluck a freshly grown gun off the branches.

Update: Got it taken care of!


  1. There is also a fun match at KPDL at Knob Creek. Not too far of a drive from Indy.

  2. >Update: Got it taken care of!

    Eh, OK. I was going to offer mine, but you’d have to come to (choke!) Illinois to get it.

  3. Caleb – Yessir, Knob Creek Kentucky. You think we just crawl out of the woods twice a year for the MG shoot? 😀

    KPDL (Kentuckiana Practical Defense League) operates out of KCR. We hide behind the fence out back that says “KPDL Members and Guests Only”. Rules and structure are roughly similar to the bigger pistol clubs. KPDL is a “practical” league, so the idea is to shoot a gun you’d actually carry.

    June 26th is a “fun” match. Its scored, but doesn’t count towards championship points. Then July 10th is a regular match.

    Matches are open to anyone. Non-members pay range fees to KCR ($10) and then $10 to KPDL. Shoot 3 matches and you can become a KPDL member, which makes it $5 a match. Just show up and head around back, we are a COLD range so make sure you unload your heater in the designated safe area, then go see our club secretary and sign in.

    Its a lot of fun and good practice. Anyone in the area should come down next weekend and see us.

    We’ll even let you shoot something other than a Glock.

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