My buddy Iain from Top Shot got himself a new heater for competition.  That’s a Witness Limited in .40 S&W, which as Iain describes it (in his English accent) is “21 rounds of 40 cal goodness, all steel & wood like a real pistol should be. Weighs a freakin ton…

Iain, in addition to being a top notch competitor on Top Shot is also a dedicated 3-gun shooter in the Trooper division, which makes him a certified badass.  For Trooper, you have to lug all the gear you’re going to use in a match ON YOUR BODY – literally carrying thousands of rounds of rifle, shotgun, and pistol ammo, several guns, spare parts, tools, etc – all without the aid of a cart.  The new Witness Limited is an upgrade from Iain’s previous match gun, the Witness Match – also in .40 S&W.

I’m jealous of your new toy, buddy.


  1. That’s a damn sexy gun. Trooper sounds ridiculous.

    Do you have to shoot the stages with your stuff on you person? So if I’m shooting pistol I need my shotgun and rifle slung over my shoulders ala Hot Fuzz?

  2. Rob EAA Witness guns are based off the CZ-75 series of guns so if you like one you’ll probably like the other.

  3. EAA: The only firearms company that out-blunders CZ when it comes to marketing. 🙂

    I had the chance to watch Henning Walgren in action, and any questions I had as to whether the Witness was a viable competition gun were ended right then and there. They’re great guns at a very good price point.

    I just wish they’d ditch those STUPID tv ads and re-do their website. It’s hard to take them seriously as a firearms manufacturer when their corporate branding is better suited to Italian home furniture than it is to a serious gun maker.

  4. Oh god their website really is quite awful, isn’t it.

    Jesse – you don’t have to carry your stuff while shooting each stage, but you have to hump it from stage to stage. Any ammo, tools, gear, ANYTHING you might need for the match you have to carry on your body or in your hands. No carts allowed for Trooper.

  5. Ok, they re-did the look/feel in the last few weeks. This is acutally better than it was, it was horrid before: Sandstone background, frilly curliques, inline frames… everything that was cool in website design back in 1998.

  6. I just checked it – it’s slightly less painful to look at, but it still sucks big rocks up off the ground.

  7. I’ve been coveting the Witness Hunter 10MM from a distance. Only long slide, all metal, double stack 10MM that isn’t priced like a car……

  8. I like it, but I’m a CZ-pattern proselyte. My first handgun was a Jericho. My carry gun is a CZ P01. I recently talked a friend into his first purchase, and he went with a Witness compact 9mm.

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