Gun Nuts Tonight: Brad Engmann of Top Shot

That’s right guys, joining me tonight on Gun Nuts Radio is Brad “Hollywood” Engmann, a contestant on History’s reality competition series Top Shot.  Brad has taken his share of abuse lately for comments he made in the two most recent episodes of Top Shot, including the now infamous “I’m an IPSC Grandmaster” line.  Despite his commentary, Brad stepped up and won two straight elimination challenges, showing that everything else aside, he’s a serious competitor and threat on Top Shot.  Tonight at 9pm Eastern time we’re going to welcome Brad to the air at to talk about his experience so far on Top Shot.  We’ll be talking about his elimination challenges that he won, his relationships with his team members, and general Top Shot chatter.

Join me tonight at 9pm Eastern time at Gun Nuts Radio, live on the BlogTalkRadio Network to listen to Brad Engmann talk about his Top Shot experience!

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  1. “I’m an IPSC Grandmaster”

    Can you ask him if he is a Power Elf too?

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