Trade your brass for cash

With Lucky Gunner’s Brass-4-cash program.  If you’re like me and forbidden from reloading due to past incidents involving fire and the near destruction of your dwelling, you now have a reason to save all that delicious once-fired factory brass you’re producing.

Here is a great way to reduce your cost of shooting! Instead of throwing away your spent brass, you can now send it to us and get credit towards your next purchase on our website. The process is VERY fast and easy!

Here is how the Brass-4-Cash Program works:

  1. Collect as much brass as you can after your next trip to the range (take a snow shovel and a broom and you will make a fortune)
  2. Fill out the simple online form below (our website will then generate an instructional shipment ticket for you to print)
  • Ship your brass to us (use your choice of UPS, FedEx, or USPS, whichever is easiest for you)
  • Lucky Gunner is offering this program to help out shooters reduce the cost of their ammo! If you look at their prices, you can really save some money if you’ve got a lot of .45 ACP brass sitting around (which I do) or if you have some solid gold bricks .380 ACP brass about the house.


    1. You can get more by selling it locally. There’s always some local reloader out there that’ll buy your brass.

      At Luckygunner’s prices, you’d get at best $30 for 1k of .45ACP and you should be able to get double that on the market. Besides, you have to pay shipping charges.

      Hell, check around locally, find a buddy who reloads your caliber and cut a deal with him to keep him in brass. He’s happy, you’re happy.

      Of course, that doesn’t pay Gun Nut’s bills.

    2. 😉

      I do sell some of my brass locally. This option with Lucky Gunner presents an opportunity for people to use a relatively “hassle free” route for selling their once fired brass. Unless you have a local contact, this is a lot easier than dealing with Gunbroker for a brass sale.

    3. After almost setting the kitchen on fire with shoe polish, a container of chinese food, and red wine (all separate incidents) I am definitely not allowed to play with explosives in the house.

    4. You made it sound like you almost burned the place down with a reloading accident. I was waiting for that story.

      You certainly know your limitations, or at least Mrs. Gun Nut does, but reloading is a relatively easy and safe proposition as long as you can maintain concentration.

    5. To be perfectly honest, the “burning the house down” is a fun story, but it’s not the real reason. The real reason I don’t reload is time. Time time time. To reload properly, you need to make it your exclusive focus task. Between shooting, two full time jobs, cooking, her full time job, having lives, etc I hardly get to see my wife as is. She and I are both willing to trade a couple of bucks spent on ammo to have more time.

    6. I dont see how this is profitable after shipping. Its gonna cost you more per pound to ship then they are willing to pay.

    7. I’ll start this post by stating I work for I just wanted to explain who the Brass for Cash program is for. I do understand that in a free market society there are other alternatives and you should persue which ever offers you the best “bang for the buck”.

      The Brass-for-Cash program offers a no hassle way to turn in your unused brass. If you don’ t know anyone who reloads then your brass is either left at the range or sitting in your garage/basement taking up space. It’s not for everyone of course but it does offer an alternative to wasted brass. If we take your example of getting $30 for 1k 45ACP brass that’s around a 100 rounds of loaded ammunition and the hardest part of the transaction was dropping off a box at the post office.

      Police ranges use the service as a way to save taxpayers money and train more. By not leaving brass (money) at the range or giving it away to officers (as it is taxpayers brass), the brass can be turned in to LuckyGunner to get credits towards ammo. Which can be used to get more ammunition for training with the same budget or be able to divert some of the budgeted funds to pay for other items.

      It boils down to a personal cost benefit analysis. If your busy and want to get some free ammo for your brass it’s a great option.

      Happy Shooting

    8. After almost setting the kitchen on fire with […] a container of chinese food…

      Okay, this one I have to hear. I’ve heard of grease fires and dishrags on the stove, but containers of kung pow chicken usually don’t spontaneously combust.

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