1. I’d never shot any kind of hand gun competition before. Last Sunday I shot the local IDPA match and this sunday I shot IPSC. At the IDPA they told you exactly how to engage the targets, 2 rounds in T1 here 3 rounds T2 there, etc. For me this made it easier because I didn’t have to spend any time wondering about which target to engage. In IPSC it was, “Here’s 12 targets. You need at least 24 rounds for this stage. You have 5 mins to make a strategy.” Which was a bit intimidating to someone that had never done it before.

    There was also a much higher round count per stage so I quite literally only had 4 mags and in the way stage I had to shoot 38 rounds which because I was limited to 10 rounds meant I could only miss a popper twice of course I missed them a lot so I ended up not being able to finish the stage.

    It didn’t help the ego that someone bought his 10 year old son and he was running a custom 1911 in 9mm and he was doing better than I was.

  2. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. …”

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