Caleb Giddings on Top Shot

I was pretty happy with last night’s episode, finally had some face time!  However, I am once again heavily featured in the Anatomy of the Shot – The Long Bow breaking down Blue Team’s 3rd straight win.  Clearly there’s a future in color commentary for me.

Here are the three episodes of Anatomy of the Shot that have aired so far, all of which I’m featured prominently in.

The Long Bow Challenge

Beretta Challenge: Relay Race

First Episode: The Long Shot

I actually really like the breakdown on the longbow challenge – that was a particularly good challenge and so far my personal favorite clip!


  1. I know this is just idle speculation, but seeing your intro each week, (one of the shortest people there, negligently tossing a rock in his hand) puts me in mind of one of the most famous projectiles in history…

    David vs Goliath, anyone?

  2. Actually, I was thinking a little more along the lines of handing you guys a sling, a handfull of rocks, and giving you, as a target, a watermelon on an eight foot pole about 20 yards away.

  3. Say what you will about Brad… he’s survived two elimination attempts. I expect after this the will have to mix things up a bit and rebalance the teams. At this point, the blue team clearly works better together, but they’ve also not had to be under the stress of an elimination.

    The next challenge is friend or foe. Hopefully Caleb has learned his lessons on that one since Blackwater 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed this episode and could relate to the challenge.

    I was having flashbacks to my time shooting archery in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    Back when I went to Pennsic War every year I’d shoot both the “clout shoot” and the “advancing fighter” events.

    For the clout shoot I’d shoot a 40# Fred Bear recurve at a 30′ diamater “castle tower” made of hay bales 100 yards away.

    We’d get 1 point for every arrow in the 30′ circle and 2 points for every arrow that hit a 6″ tall wooden target painted as a Knight set up dead center in the circle.

    We were allowed 6 shots total. After practicing every day for a few days running before the scored event I’d get to where I could usually get 6/6 in the circle and 1 or 2 on the “knight” target.

    The advancing man was timed and we’d have 30 seconds to shoot at targets placed every 10 yards starting at 70 yards and going down to 20 yards. You had only 5 seconds per target and then had to change targets. Getting off six or seven arrows was considered exceptionally good, especially if most hit.

    Man, I would have loved to have shot in that episode!

  5. Caleb, my wife and I are fans of the show, and she keeps asking me every week, “What do you think they have in their packs?”

    As a regular shooter, I can speculate (eyes & ears, bug repellent, sunscreen, band aids, hat, etc.), but why not go right to the source?

  6. Josh, that’s about right actually. It’s ears, eyes, raingear, water, etc. All the stuff you’d expect to have when you’re going to an unknown destination for an unknown amount of time.

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