Why gun bans are pointless

Two different posts from The Firearms Blog aptly illustrate why a total ban on firearms, aside from being immoral and impractical, would also do nothing to stop people from having guns.

First is part 5 in a series on a man in Africa that has custom fabricated many parts for his Mossberg 500 shotgun, including sights and home made slug ammo.

The second thing, and almost more impressive in my opinion is the youtube video embedded below.   Some kid built a functioning sniper rifle entirely out of Lego bricks.

The rifle uses a rubber band and pulley system to propel a small Lego brick after cycling the bolt by hand. This is actually very impressive, because I mean it’s a friggin’ Lego gun!

But what this really says to me is that this is why you will never eliminate guns from the world. As long as people have machine shops, metal, and their ingenuity then you will never be able to completely eliminate firearms – some people are smart enough and skilled enough to make them.


  1. Just look at how effective we’ve been able to ban illegal drugs from the country! Or illegal immigrants! Prohibition worked really well too!

    History has shown that illicit manufacture and smuggling will always occur. Liberals don’t believe in history, especially the history of human nature. So we’ll be dealing with the Brady Bunch for a while.

    Ironically, liberals are at the forefront of advocating for decriminalizing narcotics and open borders. Go figure.

  2. Don’t forget the farmer in China with the home-made cannon, either, or Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. Guns aren’t going away, ever.

  3. Do you see any high-tech machines, or any super-educated engineers in this video?

    Do you see any fully functional machine guns and assault rifles?

    Banning guns will have the same effect as banning drugs. You’ll have uneducated high-school drop outs doing ether extractions and compound titration because they want to get high, and they can read simple instructions.

    What makes you think somebody won’t start making guns for the same reason?

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