Up and coming star

Cheaper than Dirt has an interview with “Millisecond” Molly from Team S&W. Molly is a sponsored shooter on Team S&W at the age of 13, and what that means for us is that we’re going to be seeing her name at the top of leaderboards and match score sheets for a very long time to come. ¬†Shooting a revolver out of Southern California, she’s already won several ICORE titles, Steel Challenge titles, and if she ever gets a semi-automatic pistol in her hands, watch out!


  1. “My non-shooting friends actually like that I shoot competitively. Many of their parents have asked me to show them how to shoot. My friends and even my principal and teachers are interested in my competitions; sometimes they come and watch me. ”

    Even in darkest Southern California, there is hope!

  2. I just sent the link for that interview and her blog link to my 15 yo niece (who has enjoyed shooting when I take her to the range when she visits a couple of times per year). I’d never heard of Molly–thanks for posting the link, Caleb.

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