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Once again, I find myself urging people to join the US Concealed Carry Association, if for no other reason than to get their magazine titled US Concealed Carry Magazine.  Yes, I have an ulterior motive – I write for the magazine, and I think it’s a very well written and produced magazine.  But there’s another reason as well.  USCC Magazine recently hired a new columnist to write their back page, and she’s someone you might know.  That’s right, now the USCC Magazine has Tam writing a monthly column, the first of which was published in the most recent magazine and is on ammo selection.

The best thing about writing for US Concealed Carry is that they’ve recently gone advertising free – each magazine is supported by members which allows us as writers a great deal of freedom in our gun reviews.  You won’t see words like “acceptable combat accuracy” or “if I do my part” in a USCC gun review; but what you will see is honest reviews from people that carry and shoot guns as a regular part of their lives.


  1. US Concealed Carry Association is joke right? The guy that runs the site lives in Wisconsin (no concealed carry allowed). This is a paid site that sells info you could get elsewhere for free… Are there any gun rights activists writing articles here? I suppose some bloggers might be getting paid to write for this site but none I recognize. It just looks kinda fake, I don’t want to spend money to find out. I’d rather give money to NRA-ILA and my state gun rights association. At least there, I know it helps.

  2. So, because the guy who runs USCCA lives in Wisconsin where there is no CCW, you’re going to send your money to lobbyists in DC?

    I’m confused…

  3. So let us see, Gabe Suarez, Mas Ayoob, and Rob Pincus have all written for US Concealed Carry magazine. It’s a magazine about self defense and (shock) concealed carry!

  4. Don’t forget that I have seen at least one article by Brigid appear in Concealed Carry Magazine as well.

  5. Rick,

    What does joining USCCA have to do with giving money to the NRA-ILA? I’ve been a life member since I was 16 and have given money both to the NRA and its lobbying arm, the NRA-ILA. Yet I manage to subscribe to a few gun magazines and join other gun/shooting organizations on a cop’s meager wages.

    Some of the best (in my opinion) gun magazines are published in California, not exactly a gun friendly state these days. The NRA is headquartered in D.C. , where until recently you couldn’t own a gun in immediately useful condition, so what’s your point about Wisconsin?

  6. I’m just giving my impressions of the USCCA web site (not the magazine or forum). It looks like a hollow cookie cutter and doesn’t seem to offer anything useful that isn’t paid for. I am willing and I do, pay for useful information. I just don’t see that there. And I will not spend loosely just to find out. Maybe if they had a “Millionaire Patriot” that wanted to give me a free gun…

    After looking deeper into this web site (google peek method ), I would steer clear. The web site is certainly paying for ads in G&A, NRA and elsewhere, but it looks like a shell. I’m sorry but the USSCA web site is “of dubious value” at best and a “hacked up compilation of other people’s work that pays a lot for advertising” at worst.

    Example; USCCA takes credit for compiling state Concealed Carry reciprocity info. I KNOW they did not compile that info, unless they hired the guys that did at and then didn’t give credit.

    Here’s a plug for

    I mention that the guy lives in Wisconsin (right to carry denied) but implies experience with concealed carry. It’s a fast and loose point intended to provoke a “wtf”, nothing else.

    I will concede:
    Maybe the forums and magazine are OK (I really have no comment on the magazine at all, the web site is what looks creepy to me).
    The USSCA web site may have value in the compilation of information (unseen original content?) for people unable or incapable of finding this info elsewhere. For them, it is probably worth it to take the chance

    I applaud the entrepreneurial spirit, if this guy can make money with USSCA, then god bless him. Caveat emptor.

  7. So where exactly do you get the (incorrect) idea that the content on USCCA isn’t original? The articles are all originals written for USCCA – the free ones are just reprints of previous magazine articles.

    You’re down to your last strike, because now you’ve accused my fellow writers and my editor of plagiarism.

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