The Quest for Master Class

Today is a great day for Gun Nuts and our fans.  In addition to the premiere of Top Shot, the new sponsors for the HAVA auction, I’m incredibly pleased to bring you the following news item regarding the continuing series “The Quest for Master Class”.  The goal of the series is to demonstrate to shooters that you can take actual concealed carry firearms and use them in IDPA (and other) competitions and not only gain valuable skills, but also be successful at the competitions themselves.

That’s why today I’m pleased to announce that the next phase of The Quest for Master Class, chosen by readers of Gun Nuts to be in Stock Service Pistol and Enhanced Service Pistol will be appearing exclusively on Downrange.TV and sponsored by Ruger Firearms.  Ruger will be providing the SR9c for the test – a compact, concealed carry firearm that we’ll be using to reach for Master class in Stock Service and Enhanced Service Pistol divisions.

I’m excited to work with the team at Downrage.TV and Ruger to get The Quest for Master Class moving forward.  The Quest officially starts on July 1st, and the SSP/ESP chapter should wrap up in October(ish).  Each week on DRTV we’ll have updates, shooting skill tests, and evaluations of the continued performance of a compact, concealed carry firearm being used heavily in all types of simulated defensive shooting situations.  The SR9c will be shot in IDPA, but will also see trigger time in Steel Challenge, USPSA, and any other shooting sport I can get trigger time in; with the goal being to achieve Master Class in 2 divisions in no longer than 4 months.

Hats are off to DRTV and Ruger for getting on board with this project, and check back here as we get closer to July for the official launch!


  1. Nice!

    Getting Master in ESP with an SR9 Compact, I would like to see.

    Then me and my tricked-out 5″ M&P will cry.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if I can shoot the classifier fast enough to make ESP master with an SR9c, that would make me a stud like whoa. ESP Master is the hardest of them all, the time is like 89 seconds or some stupidly low number.

  3. Good for you. It’s a challenging and worthy goal. Follow it up with an A-classification in USPSA. If you can shoot master in IDPA a B-classification should be easy, try for A.

  4. Thanks Ken – since I’ll be shooting the SR9c across the board in competition, an A class might just happen!

  5. Make sure they get you a Monday gun and not a Friday gun. I like a lot of the features of the SR9, but the only one I’ve ever shot couldn’t hold minute-of-pie-plate. I was on the range shooting one-holers with my new G17 at the time, and the guy next to me asked me to try his new Ruger to confirm that it was the gun and not him. It was the gun. So bad I actually checked to see if they had remembered the rifling.

  6. I dont even know if your allowed to answer this but did Ruger offer to let you do it with an SR9 instead? seems like the larger size might be an advantage. Either way this will be fun to watch.

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