Gun Nuts Radio: Hatin' the haters

So, last night’s Gun Nuts Radio was supposed to be a weekly roundup, sort of a catchall episode to cover all the things that had happened in the weeks past.  That wasn’t what ended up happening though, because a friend of mine emailed me a link to probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen.  So some guy (that I won’t link to, but SayUncle does) gets all bent out of shape because the NRA is supporting Harry Reid, even though on everything but the gun issue Harry Reid is a terrible senator.  But there’s the rub: Harry has been solidly pro-gun, and has prevented a lot of anti-gun bill from even seeing the light of day.  Like Uncle says, the “R” in NRA doesn’t stand for Republican, it stands for “Rifle”.  The NRA is a single issue organization – and you can listen to my rebuttal of the anti-NRA propaganda here.  As usual, the .mp3 file of last night’s show is also available.

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I did have fun with last night’s episode – I rarely rant about things, but the rising tide of anti-NRA sentiment from people hatin’ on them for having their annual meetings in Charlotte to people hating on them for supporting pro-gun candidates basically brought me to my wit’s end. It is a fun listen though, so check it out!

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  1. Awesome rant Caleb! You said it all! NRA is still the 800 pound gorilla, vote on the board if you are 5 year annual member or higher. We as the gunblog community should start endorsing candidates more and getting some of this good ole boy back room stuff out of the board (plus every year I could end up doing ennie meanie at the end of the ballot) Especially the good call on the point that no Reid probably = Schumer as Majority leader!!! That is what everybody keeps forgetting and why the NRA has snuggled up to him, they are a SINGLE issue group and he has done relatively well on the single issue of gun rights.

    Anymore I honestly am almost a single issue voter on the basis of gun rights, You can have people on both sides can support the issues, like here in Indiana, Bayh surprisingly coming out for the Thune amendment, Lugar voting against it. (And SHAME ON YOU to every progun Hoosier that voted for Coats and not Hosettler this year in the primary!!!)

    Need to stop this post now before I rant on more like Caleb did!

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