Bianchi Cup Results are in

Here are your final results for the 2010 Bianchi Cup, broken down by division.  Commentary on the other side of the results.


  1. Doug Koenig, 1920-179x
  2. Bruce Piatt, 1918-183x
  3. Kevin Angstadt, 1918-169x
  4. George Mowbray, 1918-151x
  5. Tony Holmes, 1916-159x (way to represent Indiana, Tony!)


  1. Robert Vadasz, 1904-146x
  2. Rob Leatham, 1894-153x
  3. Troy Mattheyer, 1892-127x
  4. Jason Koon, 1866-114x
  5. Greg Davis, 1861-105x


  1. Kyle Schmidt, 1856-121x
  2. Enoch Smith, 1835-123x
  3. Dave Sevigny, 1833-119x
  4. Phil Strader, 1819-102x
  5. Vance Schmid, 1812-100x

Women’s Overall

  1. Jessie Abbate, 1906-163x
  2. Julie Golob, 1894-131x
  3. Vera Koo, 1891-141x
  4. Jodi Lyall, 1878-137x
  5. Margaret Reese, 1857-124


First off, I would like to congratulate all the winners on bringing home trophies!  Randi Rogers, fresh off her appearance on Gun Nuts Radio successfully defended her Production Division women’s title as well – that’s two wins in two years at Bianchi Cup, and she’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

As far as Production division itself, the results kind of came as a shock to me.  Dave Sevigny finished third with an 1833, which while higher than his score last year wasn’t enough to overcome Kyle Schmidt of Team Safariland.  Jerry Miculek shot Production this year with a revolver, and finished in 6th place, and BJ Norris finished in 12th place.  Any of those guys will tell you that Bianchi is a wildly different game from USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA – the emphasis on extreme accuracy and trigger management means that it’s not “business as usual”.  Take for example KC Eusebio in Open division.  KC is one of the fastest guns in the world, holding multiple world records in Steel Challenge, 2 World Speed Shooting Championships, and is always a threat to win the USPSA Nationals – yet here at the Cup he placed 69th in Open Division.  This isn’t a slam to his skills, just pointing out that Bianchi is a very different game.

Speaking of Open Division, Doug Koenig won his bajillionth championship (I think this is either 12 or 13) continuing his and Bruce Piatt’s absolute dominance in the sport of NRA Action Pistol shooting.  Unlike previous years though, it didn’t come down to the x-count, as on the mover Bruce shot an 8, which meant that Doug’s perfect score of 1920 was the winning score regardless of “x-hits”.

Back to Production – the field was deep this year in Production division.  S&W fielded three shooters, and owned two spots in the top 10.  With over 50 shooters competing in Production division, which is almost double last year’s totals, it looks like NRA has hit on a winning formula with the Production division.  Circumstances allowing, I’ll be back at the Cup next year to go after my first 1700 – I’ve got a year to practice now!

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