Makes me want a fedora

The winner of Best Display at the NRA Annual Meetings goes to Kahr/Thompson by a mile.  Makes me want a Thompson in the worst way possible.  What’s really crazy is that one of those guns on the rack weighs 13 pounds, and that’s the empty weight.  Fill the magazine with two boxes of .45 ACP cartridges and you can imagine just how massive and unwieldy that sucker is.

My favorite is the topmost Thompson – it’s not a true Tommy Gun per se, as the pistol configuration is a little odd and it’s a semi-automatic instead of full rock and roll, but it still weighs in with a serious amount of steel and wood.  That sucker will definitely tame the recoil of a .45 ACP cartridge and would be a lot of fun to shoot in the process!


  1. The sales rep pretty much said that yeah, they’re pig heavy & unwieldy, but we’ve made em’ that way for decades and everyone wants a Tommygun.

    I agree with him. I KNOW it’s impractical, but damnit I want one for the cool factor.

    And yeah, the sales rep dressed like a 1930’s gangster was great marketing!

  2. Have one of those in black with the military foregrip (thank you, KdT, for helping me want that one). Drum works fine, but the stick mags frequently fail to feed. Not sure if the ramp is bad or the magazines; could be both.

    Anyway, it is pretty fun to crank through a drum in a short time, but I’m glad I don’t have to carry it anywhere.

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