Crimson Trace at the 2010 NRA Show

Lots of goodies from our friends at Crimson Trace at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings. ┬áTravis was kind enough to walk me through the booth with a tour of some of their new products. First up is the laser guard for the SR9c – this has been one of my most popular searches, and the new laser from Crimson Trace will definitely enhance this carry pistol.

From NRA 2010

The laser guard series came about to give the laser function to pistols that didn’t have sufficient grip space to mount Crimson Trace’s traditional product, the “laser grip”. Also in the laser guard line up is the new laser for the Taurus PT738, Taurus’ answer to the Ruger LCP.

From NRA 2010

Continuing the laser guard series is the laser for the S&W Sigma. The Sigma has proved quite popular and enduring – I remember seeing articles in gun magazines about it when I was thinking about buying my first carry gun oh so many years ago. The laser guard blends quite well with the frame of the Sigma, and in my opinion actually improves the line of the gun.

From NRA 2010

Finally, proving that it’s not easy being green is Crimson Trace’s MVF-515 with the green laser.

From NRA 2010

Green lasers are a lot harder to do, as they consume a lot more power than red lasers. However, the LE community has been asking for a green laser for some time, and Crimson Trace is ready to answer that with their new product. They also couldn’t have picked a cooler demonstration gun to mount their laser on; a KRISS submachine gun is an awesome platform.

From NRA 2010

Crimson Trace has been good to me as a company, and generally good to their customers. It’s no secret they’ve tossed me some laser grips, and on top of that have donated some great gear to the upcoming HAVA Charity auction. I’m looking forward to seeing what future advancements they have as they race to stay at the forefront of combat laser technology!

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  1. I just wish they’d finally make a laser for a .22 other than the Ruger, like maybe the Browning Buckmarks.

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