1. Jumping the shark? not quite… their 500S&W raging bull that never saw the light of day was definitely rather “Fonzi-on-skis”.

    I can see the use for less-than-lethal ammo, but, I see ZERO need for the Taurus Judge. Its just too much of a conversation piece and not enough of a useful platform.

    1. Less than lethal ammo makes sense from an LE standpoint. It makes NO SENSE to make a less-lethal round for the Taurus Judge, though.

  2. ‘Less lethal Judge ammo? Wouldn’t that be … birdshot?”

    +1 I think of those Judge Commercials where the guy shoots a shoot-n-see target with a few loads of bird. Makes a big mess, but in the end the wadding will cause more deep-tissue damage.

  3. But the Judge is LETHAL if you ever get attacked by rampaging watermelons. I’ve seen the video!

    So, if the vegetables and fruits in your neck of the woods are organizing into wilding gangs, a Judge might just be the ticket.

    Short of that, however, I can’t see it being really useful on anything much larger than a medium dog, or much farther away than 7 yards. I’ll stick with obsolete 1911. . .

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