Sig Sauer P226 E2

Quite simply put, this gun fits the hand well.  Whatever the evil wizards at Sig did to make the P226, which was kind of bulky in my opinion fit as well as this gun was clearly worth the toll.

It is impossible of course to say how well a gun will shoot just from holding it at a convention, but my goodness I was literally blown away by the ergonomics of the grip.  Your hand just hits the gun in the right places and then it just points at the target.  It’s insane.  I really want one of these!


  1. Sure looks like they incorporated the grip of a CZ75 or baby desrt eagle which also fit that way for me

  2. I took down a couple of P226s my buddies wanted to re-spring and the first thing I thought when I took down the frame is that there was a huge amount of empty space in the back of the grip frame that Sig could have reduced.

    Glad to see they finally did it.

    PS, if it shoots as well as a P226, it’ll be awesome.

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