Frakking toasters!

Luckily, Beretta has the perfect gun with which to schwack those Cylon bastards.

From NRA 2010

There’s just something about the Storm carbine that makes me want to buy it, in fact I’ve probably written a post similar to this before. But it doesn’t matter – the lines on the gun are cool, it was in a TV show I liked, and you can quite obviously pimp your Storm carbine out the yin-yang. Like I said, do want. It does help that you can get a version that takes Beretta M9 magazines, which are roughly as common as dirt these days.


  1. I have one, I love it. It just fires. No problems at all.

    I originally had one in .45acp, but traded it for a .40S&W (long story), both are fun.
    The .45 needs the front pistol grip, it’s very light.

    The problem with those two is that Beretta doesn’t make the mags anymore, you have to get an adaptor and use the ones for the PX4 Storm.
    The 9mm just uses the 92 mags, so that’s easier.

  2. Had a chance to fire one with a reddot at local gun range, put 100 rounds through the 9mm version. It’s a slick carbine. Very comfortable. My only complaint was the magazine release, my hands aren’t the biggest and I had to get a weird canted grip on the carbine to use the mag release. As far as accuracy goes, it was only a 25 yard range and I’m not the best with a rifle without some support, but I got all rounds in the head (zombie target). So I’m gonna say it’s pretty accurate. I do have another gripe though, the price. For that price I could probably get two hi-point carbines and a sub 2k carbine or some other combination there of.

  3. Love my Cx4 Storm 9mm. Just picked up a few of the 20rd MDS mags from CDNN and can’t wait to get back to the range.

    No, its trigger is not perfect from the factory. No, there is not a way to eliminate all trigger creep. But, its well balanced and fits like a glove.

    To each their own.

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