1. Yup… hit that like a deal like a Kennedy going for a ride with a campaign worker.

  2. Isn’t a new pistol supposed to come with a magazine? Two, actually. And they’re supposed to come in the box, not a mail-in promotion.

  3. Welcome to high-level corporate decision making at gun companies.

    “Smith & Wesson gave away two free mags with the M&P and it drove tons of new sales. If we give away ONE free mag with a gun that is nowhere near as popular to begin with, it will drive tons of new sales!”

    I believe the internet meme for this is FAIL.

  4. Pretty much. I have nothing against the Storm per se, but I also have no use for it since it’s not a great competition gun and there are better carry guns.

  5. I have had zero issues with my Px4 storm since getting it… 500rds later and only basic cleaning, it still runs strong.

    As far as a carry gun, to each their own. I am holding out for the “compact” and not the “microcompact” that is currently out there. Time (and funding) will tell.

    I will say this, for carry, I still have my G26 with the Pearce grip extenision and like it. But, for a “full size” fun gun, which is just a tad smaller than the G17, its pretty darn nice.

    One nice thing about the Px4 is that it has a fully supported barrel!!! (compared to the Glock)

  6. There is nothing wrong with the Px4 Storm pistol, please don’t anyone read that in to what I’ve been saying here or elsewhere. I know guys that shoot them and love them, and it certainly has some excellent qualities.

    That being said, it has not been a popular pistol for Beretta. When they first introduced it, they didn’t really know how to market it, and I can’t honestly say that they’ve gotten much better at it. Beretta for whatever reason doesn’t target the American competition market, and always seems to get the heebie-jeebies about outright marketing guns for concealed carry.

  7. When will everybody learn?

    That is a STANDARD capacity magazine.

    Magazines come in three types:

    1) Reduced capacity – those stupid 10 round things that the 1994 federal ban (and some current state laws) forced on everybody

    2) Standard capacity – what the firearm was designed to take (whatever the capacity is)

    3) High capacity – magazines that hold enough rounds for me to (usually) knock down all the steel plates in an IPSC/IDPA stage

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