Look what followed me home

Click the image to make it larger, but if you’re having trouble reading that, it says “DPMS” on the front.  Inside the case is the rifle that DPMS donated to the upcoming Gun Nuts/HAVA Charity Auction.  This gun will part of several packages up for auction, with all proceeds going to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield.  The rifle will come with optics from Leupold, a Crimson Trace MVF-515 vertical foregrip, magazines, and other goodies.  In addition to the rifle package we’re going to have a self-defense, a competition, and a home defense package up for auction.

By now you’re probably dying to know what’s in that case, right?  I know I would be!  Too bad, because you’re going to have to wait until July 1st to find out EXACTLY what is going to be up for grabs at the 1st HAVA Charity Auction.